About Me

Hey there! My name is Tom Howard, and I'm a student and aspiring Web Developer, currently working on several projects in my free time, and gradually developing a portfolio of projects I have participated in.

I am currently focusing on developing my advanced JS knowledge & skills, specifically with the VueJS framework. I am using this alongside the Laravel framework for PHP, as well as the necessities in the form of HTML and CSS. I am a keen user of the Bootstrap framework for CSS and JS assets.


  • Fellowsfilm Network

    I am currently the 'Forums Manager' and a systems administrator at Felowsfilm Network. Here, I use a number of skills, including web development (PHP/HTML/CSS/JS), and server administration.

  • VersoBit

    I have been volunteering some of my time to VersoBit, assisting with a number of things, including the management of a running hosting service with many clients, and web development for internal projects.

Contact me

Please use the form below to contact me. If you are contacting me regarding a quote for web development work, please get in touch via. VersoBit's site.